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Repairing Cracks in Concrete Driveway

Repairing cracks in concrete driveway.

Concrete crack repair options for your home’s driveway.
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Repairing cracks in concrete driveway is a great example of a do-it-yourself project. As long as you have the proper tools and items you can repair those annoying cracks.

The driveway is in the front of the property at most homes. Visitors can see it when coming to the property. It is important to keep the driveway looking maintained and neat.

Resurfacing the entire driveway is not necessarily an option. But, you are able to patch driveway cracks.

This project is not expensive and is simple to fix it yourself.

Causes of Cracks in a Concrete Driveway

Concrete is quite durable and considered to be very strong. But there are several things that can cause cracks. These include cold or standing water, excessive heat, contraction or expansion of sand, tree roots and even some varieties of bacteria.

Concrete Crack Repair Tools

Read all the specifications and instructions of the tools and products you will be using to make 100% sure they are suitable.

– Safety glasses
– Spade or a lawn edger
– Garden hose or an air compressor
– Wire brush and chisel
– Trowel
– Concrete sealer or concrete caulking
– The cement mixture of your choice
– Squeegee
– Sand
– An optional water sealer

Preparing the Area

Wear a pair of safety glasses. There is always the danger of having something fly up into the eyes and cause serious damage.

Some people will use a spade or a lawn edger to cut any weeds or grass that may be growing in the driveway cracks.

Wash any other loose debris away with a strong blast from a garden hose or an air compressor.

Start with cleaning the concrete cracks. This will make sure that there is strong bonding between the repair material and the old surface.

Remove any old, loose pieces with a tool such as a chisel and use a wire brush to sweep away the remaining dirt and debris.

Repairing the Concrete Driveway Cracks

Performing this job of repairing cracks in concrete driveway is best done right before summer.

Consult the manufacturer’s directions to know how long the products will take to cure. You will get a better idea of the waiting time.

This do-it-yourself job sounds simple enough, but there are still things to remember to keep the job safe. Use a repair product that combines cement and polymers. This mixture can be put on with a squeegee.

This solutions will cure in a very short time. There is only a short time of 30 minutes to put on the even thin coating before it is set up after adding water.

Also keep in mind the difference in the size of the driveway cracks. This will affect the way the job of repairing the cracks in the concrete driveway is preformed.

Do the work in a timely fashion, then you will create a driveway that looks as good as new.

If you have an aggregate driveway, you need to pour sand and use a heavy object to roll over the patch.

On an aggregate driveway, wash or sweep away any sand after drying and curing the patch.

When you have the patch done, it needs time to dry and cure before parking you vehicle on it.

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