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How to Stay Safe During Roof Repair

How to stay safe during roof repair.

How to stay safe during roof repair.
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Even the simplest roofing tasks can put you in harm’s way. This is so even if you are only working one story up. Take every precaution to make working on your roof as safe as possible. This should be done whether you are an experienced roof worker or are doing it for the first time. Here are some important safety steps to follow:

Always Work with a Partner

If an accident should occur while you are working on your roof, you should have someone there to help.

Be Careful with Ladder Placement

Your ladder should be placed on a steady, solid surface. If you are placing the legs on grass, dig holes to make sure that the bottom of the ladder stays steady.

Wear the Right Footwear

Shoes with rubber soles and intact tread can reduce the risk of slipping.

Wear a Safety Harness

These are especially important when working on steeply pitched or very high roofs.

Avoid Working on a Wet Roof

Avoid working on your roof if there is water, ice or snow on it. For this reason, you want to avoid doing roof repairs in the winter. Note that wet leaves on a roof can also make it extremely slippery. Unless you are dealing with an emergency, hold off on repairs until everything dries out.

Remove Hazards

Keep your work area clear of any objects that can cause you to trip or slip. This includes any tools that are not being used, along with nails and old shingles.

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