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How to Remove Ink from Cotton Clothes

How to remove ink from cotton.

How to get rid of ink stains on cotton clothes.
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When you are using ink for any reason, such as writing with a pen there are various ways to get ink onto clothing. You might get discouraged if that happens, but you can still get that stain out of your clothing.

Follow the suggestions below of how to remove ink from cotton.

1) Spraying Hairspray on Ink Stains

Hairspray is a great method of getting out pesky ink stains from cotton fabrics.

First, you will want to put something underneath your article of clothing. It can be an old towel that you won’t be too worried about getting messy or some other item. Make sure that any ink doesn’t get onto other parts of the stained clothing.

Once you have done this start spraying the affected area of clothing with hairspray. Make sure that the area is nice and covered.

The hairspray should cover the affected area. You want to be able to lift the stain from this particular article of clothing.

Always make sure to blot the stain and to not rub it. Rubbing it will cause the stain to become more ingrained into the clothing. You won’t be able to remove the stain once this has occurred.

You will want to use a clean cotton ball or washcloth. Use the cotton ball to blot the stain until the cotton ball is dirty. Then you will want to spray the area again. Repeat the blotting process with more cotton balls until the job is complete.

2) Dabbing with Different Types Of Cleaners

Dabbing with different types of cleaners is another method of how to remove ink from cotton.

Again with this method you will want to make sure that there is an old towel handy or some other type of material underneath. This way the stain doesn’t spread while you are trying to get it out of your clothes.

There are many different types of cleaners you can use. These include cleaning detergent, baking soda, rubbing alcohol as well as many other types of solutions.

The method of using these different types of cleaners is the same as the one mentioned above for hairspray.

You are going to want to put the solution onto your clothing after sticking another piece of cloth or something underneath. Now dab the affected area. Rubbing will only cause the ink stain to become further ingrained into the cotton. The idea is to lift the ink out of the cloth.

Continue with this method using cotton balls until they become dirty. Then repeat the process.

Important Note: Store your supplies safely. Keep out of the reach of children.

The methods listed above can not guarantee that you will get the stain out. You might as well try them before deciding to retire the item of clothing.

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