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How to Install a Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Mosaic tile kitchen backsplash.

Create a beautiful mosaic tile backsplash with these easy steps.
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You do not have to be in construction, or strong, or rich, or a well-known artist.

You do want to be patient, creative, and have lots of free time.

With a few simple rules to follow and a few tools, you can make your kitchen a special place in your home.

A mosaic tile kitchen backsplash will be a reflection of your style. To create the design apply the mosaic pieces with adhesive and fill the pieces with grout. It creates a kitchen decor that is truly yours.

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Designs

What do you want to create? A decorative art pattern? A beach scene? A floral garden? A french country scene? A water world aquarium? Or, a New Mexico desert at sunset?

Whatever your desire, it is at your fingertips. So pull on some plastic gloves, grab a marker, and let’s get started!

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Draw the Backsplash Design

Draw your scene right on the wall, which you don’t need to prepare as the surface will be covered with adhesive.

Make it simple and streamlined, as the mosaic pieces will lend detail to the whole area. Are you limited to the wall area behind your kitchen sink? If not, then you may want to have a two or three-part mural. The focus is on creative expression.

Tile Mosaic Supplies

After you’ve drawn your mosaic’s blueprint, it’s time to grab a hammer. If you have large tiles you are going to shatter them to make smaller pieces. You will want to wear safety glasses and gloves while doing this to avoid injury. Also doing the smashing while covering the tiles will minimize the pieces going everywhere and it makes the process safer.

You can also get special tools to cut the tiles if you are making tile mosaics. Then you do not have to do any smashing of tiles.

If you do not want to work with shattered pieces, you can also use tiny tiles. It depends what look you are after.

Where to get the Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Supplies?

All supplies for your mosaic tile kitchen backsplash can be easily purchased at one of several home improvement stores.

Prices vary, but your creative enhancement to your kitchen is easily possible on a budget, depending on the wall space covered.

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Creating the Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Time to grab a brush and coat the backs of your pieces for adherence to the wall. Coat them evenly and sparingly. Do this on the floor on a drop cloth.

Take your time and complete each area in one sitting, if possible. This will insure continuity and a uniform effect for each area. For example, the entire tree, beach, or animal.

After all pieces are placed, allow 48 hours for the mosaic to set.

Apply Grout to the Tile Backsplash

Grab your grout, which can be dyed or remain white in color. Invest in a grout applicator, and go to it!

Fill in the space-in-between pieces, and areas.

Note: Do not use a wet sponge to remove any grout from the surface! Use a dry cloth, or you will actually spread the grout and create a dull appearance on parts of your mosaic.

Let the grout set for another 48 hours.

Apply Protective Coating to the Area

Time to shellac! Apply, with a broad brush, strokes of clear shiny lacquer to protect tiles from steam and water. It ensures ease in cleaning.

Note: Some rock and other materials are porous. They will take on smoke and dirt, leaving it dull and damaging its surface.

Other Kitchen Backsplash Options

There are other options for creating a kitchen tile backsplash. The following product looks interesting: Smart Tiles

The importance is displaying your unique, personal style. It’s also, no matter how long it takes, a fun way to brighten your kitchen!

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