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How to Fix a Squeaky Door

How to fix a squeaky door.

How to get rid of squeaky sounds from door hinges.

Squeaky doors — they’re the bane to every sneaky teen’s existence. They’re also an annoying nuisance. Front doors, interior doors, and cupboards all contribute to the noise. That’s because they all have hinges.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to tackle the noises these hinges make. What’s more, all you have to do is keep reading. The following paragraphs list all the information on how to fix a squeaky door.

Aerosol Lubricating Oil

When it comes to annoying squeaks, sometimes all the hinge needs is a little door hinge lubricant. There are plenty of brands of aerosol lubricants out there (some more well known than others), and just about any will do the trick.

To fix your whiny door hinge, simply spray small amounts of the aerosol into or around the hinge and wiggle the door back and forth. Use a napkin or oil rag to clean up any extra amounts of lubricant that drip. Keep doing this until you’ve silenced the beast.

Door Hinge Repair

If the lubricant doesn’t work, there might be something wrong with the hinge itself. Houses have the unfortunate trait of settling over the years. Just like a person’s body, all of those years of abuse can leave framing crooked and hinges squeaky. This can also be caused by a bunch of dirt and paint build up over the years.

When this happens, you’ll need to repair the hinge itself. Using a pair of pliers, locate the pin in the hinge. It’s usually the round surface at the top. Grasp the top of the pin with the pliers and wiggle it back and forth until the hinge pops out.

Once you free it, remove any rust, paint, or dirt from it using steel wool or other cleaning lubricants. Try not to damage the hinge, but don’t worry if you file it down a little. A smaller hinge will make it easier for the door to open, anyway. When finished, place the pin back in and see if the hinge has stopped squeaking.

Please note, though, that this only works for basic door hinges found in the home. This will not work as well on automobile hinges as they’re more complex.

Replacing the Door Hinge

If push comes to shove and your door just doesn’t want to stop making noise, you may have to replace the hinge completely. This is a relatively simple process even if it takes some time.

Most local hardware shops supply hinges, and you can probably find one that fits your door at one of them. If you’re looking to save money, then try and locate which one of your hinges is the culprit for all the noise. Like children, sometimes it’s only one of them that causes the problem.

Once you buy one, all you usually need to do is follow the directions that come with the packaging. One thing you’ll want to watch out for is keeping the door aligned with its frame. If it becomes uneven, or too loose, you risk damaging the frame. Worse yet, you could cause the other hinges to squeak, too.

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The instructions in this article on how to fix a squeaky door will help reduce the noise in your home.

Important Note: Store your tools & supplies safely. Keep out of the reach of children.

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