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How to Cut and Install Crown Molding

How to cut and install crown molding.

How to install crown molding.
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Learning how to cut and install crown molding can be done in a simple and easy manner. The following article will instruct you on how to do this for yourself in your home or apartment.

What is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is a term that is used for a variety of moldings that flare out to give a decorative look to trim.

You can learn how to cut and install crown molding to create an impressive look for your rooms.

Choosing a Design for Your Crown Molding

You can look at different pictures on the internet to find the type of crown molding that you are interested in. There are many different types.

Be sure that you take the time to look at quite of few of them before you decide which one you wish to put in your home.

Prepare Your Work Area

You will want to make sure that you have ample room to complete the steps that you need to do to cut and install your crown molding.

Have the proper equipment in place. You will need a ruler, saw, the trim, nails or glue. Have a drop cloth too.

Safety First

You will want to have the proper safety equipment. Use protective gear on your eyes.

You may wish to use gloves, and good coverings for your feet.

Important Note: Be sure to keep children and pets cleared from the work area.

Cutting the Crown Molding

It is important that the measurements are done correctly. This includes all the different angles.

You should make sure that you are using a good ruler when measuring. You need to include the beveled angles for your crown molding.

Be extra careful when cutting the crown molding by using ample settings to gather the fallen parts.

Use protective gear in order to make sure that nothing gets into your eyes.

You will want to use a saw to cut the trim. Make sure that the cuts are made to the measurements that you took.

Installing the Crown Molding

The crown molding occurs where the wall and ceiling meet at the seams.

You can either use a nail gun to install the crown molding, or you can use glue.

Make sure that the crown molding is installed so that the angles are tight and that the flared part stands out. It will make a difference in how the final product looks.

Cleaning Up

Gather your drop cloth and throw it away in the proper receptacle.

You may want to dust the crown molding with a soft damp rag. This will remove any scrap pieces on it.

Put away all the items used in the process. Make sure that the saw is store safely. In a safe place away from children and pets. It should have a protective sheath to cover the blade when putting it away. Many people like to store the saw on a hook that is high off the ground.

Your installed crown molding will look fantastic. Make sure that you take pictures. Invite others over to see the completed job so that you can be proud of what you have done.

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