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Getting Rid of Mold Inside Your Home

Getting rid of mold inside your home can be done safely and easily.

Getting rid of mold inside your home is achievable with these steps.

Black mold can appear anytime moisture is present in your home for an extended amount of time.

To protect your health, you should be getting rid of mold immediately. Here are some DIY tips on how to get rid of mold in your home.

Hunt the Mold

The first step of how to get rid of mildew is to locate all the areas in your home where mold is present. Some good places to search are in your bathroom, under sinks and in the kitchen.

If you find mold in less than 10 foot sections, you can clean it yourself. If you find mold covering more than 10 feet of any area then it is more serious. You should hire a professional. Also consider removing and replacing affected drywall, cabinets and fixtures.

Locate Water Leaks

Moisture can come from your shower, leaking pipes and sinks and your roof. Before you clean up the mold, you will want to take care of any leaks.

Leaking pipes, leaking sinks or roof leaks are possible sources. Fix these moisture problems. Replace leaking pipes, apply caulking to sinks and examine and repair your roof leaks. Also consider installing ventilation fans in your bathrooms.

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Get Prepared and Work Safely

Take health precautions when removing mold. You do not want to get the spores on your skin or inhale them. To protect your health wear long rubber gloves and a N-95 respirator along with goggles.

The protective equipment will also prevent cleaning chemicals from getting on your skin and in your eyes.

Seal, Ventilate and Prepare the Room

Prevent mold spores from traveling to other rooms in your house. You should seal air vents with plastic sheeting and hang plastic sheeting in the doorway.

To ventilate the room, open the windows. If there is any furniture in the room, you should move it to a room that does not have mold.

Throw any papers, books or other items with mold on them away. Put them in a plastic garbage bag and throw them away.

What to do with Moldy Fabrics?

If you find mold on curtains, clothes or rugs, you can either choose to throw the items away or wash them.

When choosing to wash the items, you can wash them in your washing machine with hot water. If the items are white, you can bleach them. When you wish to bleach colored items, buy a color safe bleach.

How to Get Rid of Mold With Detergent, Water and Bleach

Clean mold off of walls and other surfaces using a mixture of detergent and warm water. You should mix 1 cup of detergent into 1 gallon of water. A 5 gallon bucket or a mop bucket works well for this task.

You can use brushes, sponges and rags to scrub the mold from the surfaces. For extra protection, you may consider purchasing cleaning supplies you can throw away.

You should scrub the surfaces until you no longer see any mold. Once finished, rinse the areas with warm water. Next, take a spray bottle and fill it with a 25 to 50 percent bleach and water solution.

Spray every area that contained mold and wait at least 20 minutes. Wait for the bleach to kill any remaining mold spores. Next, rinse the areas thoroughly.

Finish Your Cleaning

To finish the process of how to get rid of mildew preform the following final tasks. Do this after removing the mold and applying the bleach mixture to the surfaces.

Important Note: Store your cleaning supplies safely. Keep out of the reach of children.

Finish cleaning the room by scrubbing down all other surfaces and mopping the floors.

Getting rid of mold will make your home safer and have it looking better.

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