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Eco Friendly Car Wash Tips to Consider when Washing Your Vehicle

Picture of a hose with automatic shutoff nozzle and bucket to preform an eco friendly car wash.

Easy ways to save water while washing your vehicle.

It’s simple to save water and money by washing your car at home and following these eco friendly car wash tips. There are a few easy steps and tips to follow to conserve water and make your car shine.

Before you get started gather these supplies:
– Bucket
– Soap/detergent
– Sponge
– Hose with automatic shutoff nozzle

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1) Park the Car

Parking in the shade keeps your car exterior cool and prevents excessive water evaporation. Washing your car on the grass or another unpaved area like gravel allows sudsy water to soak into the ground. The soil will naturally filter the water.

Pavement permits water runoff to flow into storm drains where it can contaminate lakes and streams.

2) Clean Car with Water First

Fill up your bucket with water, at this point you don’t need to add any detergent. Wet a sponge and wipe the exterior of the car from top to bottom. This initial wipe down step of your manual car wash process removes dust and soaks the hard dirt, bird droppings and insects. Thus it makes them easier to remove later.

After you’ve wiped down your car rinse it off using a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle. This can potentially save up to 70 gallons of water per eco friendly car wash ultimately saving you water, money and helping the environment.

3) Apply Soap to the Car

You don’t need very much soap for this step. Most people actually use way too much detergent when washing their car. Using too much soap will require you to use more water to rinse the soap off. One or two teaspoons of soap are certainly plenty.

If possible look for soap that is non-toxic and biodegradable. This keeps the earth happy. Also be sure you’re not using a product labeled as poisonous.

Once you’ve got the sponge good and soapy, use it to wipe down the car from top to bottom again. At this point you don’t need to scrub, the detergent coating your car exterior will begin to break down the stubborn, crusty spots.

Now that your car has had an initial coating of soap it’s time to use some pressure. Go back over those stuck-on brittle spots with your sponge. Apply some elbow grease while doing the manual car wash and scrub off those hard to clean spots.

4) Rinse Off the Car

Pick up the hose again, choose your spray setting and rinse off all that soapy, sudsy water. Remember, because you’re washing in the grass there’s no need to worry about contaminating nearby water sources. You’re actually doing your lawn and the surrounding plants a favor.

You may want to use a clean sponge to wipe down the car while you’re rinsing. This should get rid of any dirt streaks. Use this opportunity to give your car a final once-over, checking for any dirt you may have missed.

5) Enjoy your Clean Car

Your car is clean. Wipe it down with a dry sponge or towel to eliminate streaks. You can now apply a coat or two of wax if so desired. Enjoy your shiny clean car. You’ve earned it.

Important Note: Store your cleaning supplies safely. Keep out of the reach of children.

It is that simple to preform an eco friendly car wash. Next time you need to wash your car, take a moment to consider these steps as an alternative to your normal car wash routine.

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